Shards of Myself

I am a shattered mirror,
broken and scattered.
Once complete and filled with innocence,
I brought out the good in those who looked upon me;
Truthful and kind of nature – I was beautiful.


Dropped one too many times,
fallen from my pedestal.
Honest and benevolent,
I hit the floor and broke into pieces at the feet
of clumsy hands and hearts – I am ugly.


I pull myself into a pile,
jagged and messy,
and glue a shard of my soul back into place.
Looking upon it with hope and doubt;
Torn and beaten – I am bleeding.


Time can be the killer or
the ‘healer’ of hearts;
Devious or regrettably helpful.
Pieces of me lay upon life’s floor;
Disenchanted and weary – I am jaded.


Written: August 10, 2004
Re-write: October 24, 2010