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Some of these blogs are more active than others. At all times I strive to bring myself back to writing, in whatever capacity it will have me.

Poetry Writing


My internet postage stamp of poetry is found on more than one stamp. I started using Blogger but decided to give WordPress a try. So far WordPress is working well but I do not like the ads. I therefore moved an exact copy of the blog to this site. Below are the links to all variations of the blog.


Writing Prompts


Prompt and Challenge site: Fast Fiction Friday

The objective of the Fast Fiction Friday exercise is to write with complete focus on the given subject. One of the best ways to accomplish this task is to write for a set amount of time, without distractions and without editing. Let the words flow from your mind to the paper and ignore self doubt and outside issues. The goal is to become so addicted to writing that you can’t help but do it! All writers are welcome here whether you write short stories, poems, memoirs, non-fiction, essays or a personal journal. Also on FB.


Writing Forum


Wordtrip – I am currently working on this site to get it up and running again! Back in the day it was extremely busy and a great asset to writers of all genres. Now there’s some hope of bringing it back to life.


FaceBook Presence: FB Page

Twitter Presence: Twtr Page
     ~ I really only use Twitter to announce new posts.

Old, Closed, or Neglected Blogs

These used to pull my attention but are now fragments from my past or just too boring to revive.

Bug Breath – Random Postings – not updated

Bug’s Red Memoirs – Old personal blog – closed

Bug’s Time Travel – Story – closed

Politics – I have a political blog that, although it is still mine and I am proud of what I have written there, it only brought me anger and high blood pressure. Also, being a writer and a poet, people are often surprised by my political beliefs and put off by them. So, in order to keep my political and poetic writing separate, I will not list it here. Then why, you might ask, would I even bring it up? Because, as I said, I am happy with my writing there and I do claim it for myself. Also, if someone were really, really interested, I would give them the link. 🙂

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