Gawd, my feet hurt. Like fire to a gasoline truck. I
don’t think I’ve walked this much in my entire life.
In fact, I’m damn sure of it! It’s ridiculous why I’m
here. It certainly wasn’t my fault my wife decided
to take that practical joke so seriously. It’s not like
anyone got hurt or nothing serious like that!

Man, she can be such a spoil sport. I’m pretty sure I
didn’t deserve to be kicked out of the car on our
vacation, smack dab in the middle of freak’n nowhere.
Three hours it took me to walk to our vacation rental;
three hours! And where were all the cars? Not a
damn one passed me while I was tromping along!

Now here I am, lying on the beach in the blazing
sun waiting for her to get back from wherever the
hell she went after she blew a gasket. No, I don’t
have the extra key to the room and no they don’t
believe me at the front desk because, no, I don’t
have my damn ID on me. This is ridiculous!

Why can’t that woman take a joke. A joke? Wait,
maybe this is a joke to see how long I’ll wait here.
Well, let me tell you something, I won’t wait here
longer than another hour, no siree. Nope! Damn,
she wouldn’t have packed up and drove back to
Nebraska, would she? Would she? Damn!

Written 3/5/2016
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