17 thoughts on “Interference

  1. I am sorry Jira, I think I know where you were going with this…but while reading it I kept getting an image of a little girl trying to be so serious and over dramatizing the last word with a down tilted head in that way that only a cherubic child cad do …leaving me…..sad, and it made me laugh.


  2. A lot of people have tried to bring me out of my shell, I don't think any have truly succeeded. I'm one hard boiled egg.

  3. That's fantastic Wander! This was one of those pictures I looked at and just started typing. I had a feeling the girl in the pic wasn't quite happy but I wasn't sad so maybe that fact came through. Either way, a reaction to my poem is the desired effect even if you are a little insensitive about it. Haha I'm kidding. Jerk! 😉

    Thanks once again for reading and making me giggle.

  4. Jira, What was your blog's official start day?
    I'm coming up on a year soon!

    Yeah, this poem was a very well written one…good!


  5. I started this blog on Sept 1, 2011. I've had a few blogs… personal, political, on-going stories… and unfortunately I get bored and stop posting. I'm trying to keep this one current though… writing poetry is something I want and can do on a consistent basis. I was on a writing board and that was an adventure. I'm still on it but the site has slowed to a stall. I've also been on a poetry site but left because people started getting a little too 'weird'.

    Congratulations on almost hitting a year!

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