Next Call

Burgundy lipstick,
stilettos and that long line up the back of her nylons.

Navy blue collar.
his shield and the flashing lights that make her pause.

Her fake fur coat, a tiny red purse.
His shotgun at his side, his cuffs on his belt.

The alley a few yards away, he motions to her.
They ride in the back seat, no cash exchanged tonight.

Smeared burgundy lipstick on his navy collar,
she moves on and he pulls away to his next call.

November 28, 2010

Prompt: Sleeping with the enemy

2 thoughts on “Next Call

  1. I think blackmail and 'deals' in back alleys happen quite a bit… perhaps not as I portrayed it here. This has a bit of a political feel to me… in politics, I think this happens quite a bit… although perhaps more in relations to policies and power than sex in an alley.

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