Sailing To Somewhere


I ran away last night
Into the arms of freedom,

Forever longing
To be somewhere.

I found myself drifting
On the open sea.

My store house is full,
Warm blankets below,

The wind taking me to

The sun warms my skin
As I sail along the blue,

The clouds call out to me
In musical tones.

The ripples feel like soft fur
As my fingers glide upon them.

That distant calling to return
To where I was before

Seems just a tad too faint
To understand the words.

Things best forgotten
And unimportant to this moment.

Where will tomorrow find me,
I have no clue.

And yes,
It scares me.

But finding myself
Away from elsewhere

And on my way to

Is exactly where
I should be.

Written 3/10/2016
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