I’m Busy

nedic black dog
I’m busy, can’t you see.
Me standing here with my work to be done,
In the middle of creation, the middle of my future.
Such importance I place upon this wall, a wall dark with the past.
I’m busy, can’t you see.
Dwelling on those moments before now,
Seeking answers to questions no one cares to ask.
All the semi-important things, the dark nonsense things of myself.
I’m busy, can’t you see.
Such a silly puppy sitting so calm and still,
Hoping I will stop and play a little game of fetch.
Play a game and waste the time I have, time meant for… happiness.
I’m not as busy as I thought.
Let me toss a ball or rub you behind the ears,
You’re such a good girl to wait here so patiently for me.
Teaching me the meaning of life and joy, joy I can find in your eyes.
by Phenix JiRa

 Picture Prompt: The Mag


NOTATION: I wrote this real quick and without re-write. Honestly, I think I like it just as it is. Funny how sometimes the words flow without effort… other times I struggle. This is my favorite outcome… something that comes without effort and yet means something to me. Oh, I’ve written things without effort that turned out to be garbage… that’s inevitable. And there are times I struggle and am excited that I went through it and came out with something I like. I believe we all do these things… write with effort… write without it… sometimes with good outcomes… sometimes it ends up in the trash. I just find it fascinating… I guess I’m easily amused. =)