I took my mask off today and laid it upon the ground.
It was dirty from years of hiding;
so heavy my neck permanently bent from its weight.

Years sweating within the dankness surrounding my face,
the breath hard to find, my sight foggy and mistrustful;
Friend and foe alike look the same from any angle.

I could never look up towards the heavens
nor down to avoid the darkness of hell.
Seeing behind me was impossible, my movements impaired.

Even my ears struggled to hear the truth.
But a day finally came when the sound made its way inside;
Call it a voice or call it a thought, either way, it was loud.

“Be honest, remove your mask, look into the mirror”.

The fear of knowing the truth was overwhelming,
I mistrusted the words taunting me within my head,
But the desire to be free, to know myself, was greater.

An interesting view is what I found,
seeing one’s soul for the first time can be shocking.
Shall I show it to you or keep the pleasure for myself?

Written 7/28/2015
Inspiration: MagPie 280