Best Forgotten


Am I looking down at you or are you looking up at me,
The distance between us spanning mountains and oceans and seas.
If I were looking up and you were looking down,
Would this mess of our reality come unwound?

I dream in dark circles wrapped tightly around this fragile neck,
Another squeeze and this whole thing will be a disastrous wreck.
There are some distances too great for ships to span,
I wonder now if it’s my port you cannot land.

Keep me in your thoughts my love and you will be deep inside mine,
There are dreams we cannot fulfill and thoughts better left behind.
You will think of me with the passing of life’s steps,
I will daydream of you as I pass into death.


Written 7/19/2015

Inspiration: MagPie 279

Note: I went with rhyme and rhythm with this poem. Each stanza contains four lines of which the first two rhyme and have 15 syllables while the last two rhyme and have 12 syllables. There wasn’t a lot of thought into 15 and 12… it’s how the first line and the third line came out which began the theme. Thanks for reading!