“So” Done With This Awful Day


Yes, the sun shines and the water is warm.
Yes, the skies are clear and the pool is fine.
But what of him? He is not allowed and I am without him.
Who cares if I can swim all day?
Who cares if I can swim all evening?
This life of luxury is miserable to me.
Swimming, playing, listening to the laughter of the other girls.
They are dumb and full of silly notions.
But I am a woman who understands scarcity.
I know what it’s like to live a meager and humble life.
Sigh… what an awful day.
Where is my soft towel and ice tea with lemon slices?
I don’t want this thirst to ruin my daydream of him.

Written 7/6/15
Inspiration: MagPie 277