Chicken Snow Day Poem

This poem was put together as a tribute to my 5 chickens who experienced their very first snow day ever. They really wanted out and eventually got their wish. Because I’m so far behind in creating and uploading their videos, I can safely tell you there is much more snow to come in this, their first winter.

Trinity, Phoenix, Spit Fire, Miss Cloud, Parkour Chick ~ The Five Peeping Pullets

Snow Day Poem

The playground is covered in snow
Not fun; this really does blow
We want to play… make the snow go away!
We’ll attack in mass, if we can’t eat grass.
Snow, snow… you better go away…
And get off our fun toys today!
Even our sun spot is better cold…
But JiRa can fix it, we are told.
Get busy and remove the yuck…
So our day won’t totally suck.
Ladies, give the sun a chance…
Now it’s melted and you can dance.
Hooray the snow is finally gone!
Time for Phoenix to rest in the lawn.
We love the new sun locations…
Even this one deserves attention!
Hey, ladies, come look at me!
Is that my gorgeous face I see?
by Phenix JiRa

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