Weekend Chickens – February 24th

Cooing Chickens & an Upside Down Day

In the first video for this weekend, I did the morning ‘chicken chores’ backwards and the ladies took full advantage! I spent my usual relaxing morning trying to get them back into the coop! Then I had a brilliant idea for a dirt bath and bought a used tire. Chasing Chickens

Later that same day they had a dust bath and it was beautiful and dreamy. If you listen close enough you can hear them cooing. This is found in the second video posted and in it Miss Cloud spends time on my lap and she has super soft feathers.

Now, in the third video for the weekend, things get a little crazy!! I asked Michael to help with the chickens and that started a weird chain of events. Relaxing Day Turned Upside Down

The final video for this weekend is very enjoyable as we watch them do their dust bath and cooing the entire time.

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