New Chicken Coop Placement!

We prepped the land in order to move the old coop and then prepped the land for the new coop just prior to it arriving. We ordered this from a local builder and he did an awesome job! We asked for a few modifications to the original plans and he was great at making adjustments for me. I love the color of the coop and the whole design!

Even though I considered this coop to be expensive, in relation to other coops and other options (building it ourselves), this was the cheaper way to go.

We asked the builder to do a few modifications and he was super easy to work with and didn’t seem to mind at all. He told us that, over the years, he’s come up with more options based on what others have suggested.

We had him leave the perches unattached inside the coop and asked him to put the hatch door to the back of the side wall (easier for me to get in and out now). We also asked that he raise it from the original 15 inch height off the ground to 24 inches. This allows me to crawl under if necessary which is why we also asked for a door to the underside of the coop.

The only other modification we asked him to do was to cut a hole out of the far side of the chicken run so the hens can go from the run to the kennel giving them a lot more room.

Check out the video on YouTube or over on Playeur.

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