Singing to Chickens – Oh Trinity!

This was one of those days when I was so at peace that I simply started singing to Trinity. Try not to judge my singing voice too harshly LOL! It was just for me but I figured… what the heck… let everyone benefit from it. Ha!

Song to Chickens…

Singing a song to chickens all day long. They seem to love me, but I don’t know.
Is it really love or perhaps just a phase? You’re near me little Trinity, yes you are.

Oh, Trinity, my little Trinity. Eating the grass and ignoring me.
Would you like some tea? Some for me and some for you?
Some for you and some for me… what do you say little Trinity?

Here she comes just a walk’n down the street. Singing doo a diddy diddy dum diddy do.
Is there a song you want me to sing? Sing, sing, sing… sing a song, sing outload, sing out strong.
See you later Trinity.

Oh, Trinity, oh Trinity. Why are you so mean to me?
You simply do not like me. What are you doing to me?
Oh Trinity, oh Trinity. You are so perfect to me.
Why are you singing these songs Jira?
You’re really not all that good at it.
Because I feel like doing something different.
Parkour Chick you are so hungry.

Trinity, oh Trinity. You ignore me so much Trinity.
I gotta chicken butt in my face, it’s not very pleasant, it’s a disgrace.
Who is this? Oh phoenix. If I try to touch you, you’ll run away.
Here I come to touch you, oh my goodness run away.

Eating some grass… it smells like… and we don’t like it anyway,
Oh Trinity, oh Trinity, why are you ignoring me?
Don’t turn your back on me, don’t walk away and leave me here.
Oh Trinity, oh Trinity, you’re getting further and further away from me.

Created and Sung by Phenix JiRa

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