Here are some useful products for raising chickens!

There's always something to buy for your chickens! Scroll to the bottom for my thoughts on these products.

For big brooder

Probably 4 hens

Great for Coops

For smaller flocks

Overall flock help

Helps digestion

For Chicks!

For chicks!

I am currently using the first brooder below as it fits into a large brooder box. The smaller brooder, however, is possibly more functional when raising 2-6 chicks.

I definitely recommend the AcuRite thermometer. I use an older version than the one listed here but plan to buy another due to the fact I'm going to have two coops soon.

It's always good to have pine shavings on hand and items for emergencies. The VetRX is something I've used once when I thought one of the hens had a 'cold'. I put it on her waddle in the evening and it seemed to clear up, so bonus!

I have oyster shells but mainly feed back the egg shells after cleaning and cooking them.