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Writers write because writing is therapeutic; because writing is what fills their veins. The written word to a writer is an endorphin that floods the mind and continues on to the body. When a true writer stops writing after determining that it “just isn’t for him or her”, the result usually disproves their own thoughts. A true writer cannot ‘not’ write and, when they do stop writing, they are left feeling empty and withdrawn. The subject to a true writer may be important in what types of stories written but in general, it’s just writing that is important and not the type of writing.

Words are colors seen within the mind.
The colors we see can be manipulated by the
words we use, whether in writing or in speech.
Choose your words and your colors wisely,
for those who hear your words,
see colors of their own.
by Phenix Jira

Example of Poetry in Pictures…


~The ocean to the west~
Within darkened walls
I peer into the brightness,
afraid the heat will melt me.


~The stones in the south~
Naked and exposed,
rocks burn from the heat
of the sun’s relentless rays.


~The freeze in the north~
Forever searching
down paths best resisted,
it is there you will find me.


~The winds in the east~
Through moments of desperation,
I am torn apart and thrown
into scattered memories.


~The crazy in the world~
Loneliness is made better
by the realization that people are
quite frankly… insane.

by Phenix Jira


When writing the description for the photos above, I wrote them based on each photo; one at a time. Initially, I did not have the intention of writing a poem but I should have realized it would end up that way. One way or another, life is a poem.

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