Chickens In My Yard

Trinity sitting with Phenix JiRa enjoying the sunshine.

On September 8th, 2021 I took the plunge and picked up 5 day-old chicks of various types. I began taking videos far more than necessary but those videos have inspired a series showing their lives from that day forward. I started a new YouTube channel called Phenix JiRa Living which not only showcases the chicken videos but also projects around the house and thus, around the lives of the chickens.

The videos are a few weeks behind their actual moment in time but that is expected due to how long it takes to put videos together and publish them. If you enjoy chickens and wish to see how they developed and continue to develop, check out the link below.

Phenix JiRa on YouTube

Phenix JiRa on Odysee

In this first video, I discuss the decision to raise chickens and the process of gaining the necessary supplies in order to properly raise them. The first major purchase was the chicken coop which I got about 2 weeks prior to the birth of the chicks. This is an awesome coop and, quite frankly, was a complete miracle that I found it for sale. I mentioned to a family member that I was going to raise chickens and he mentioned a friend who was thinking of selling their coop and… blamo… I have a coop!

In this next video, we get to see the 5 chicks in their brooder box which lived in my garage. They are adorable and so amazingly small. I purchased two Barred Plymouth Rocks, two Black Star, and one Sagitta chicken. Typing this today, after they have grown several weeks, truly makes me understand how quickly they grow! So incredibly fast!!