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Chicken Snow Day Poem

This poem was put together as a tribute to my 5 chickens who experienced their very first snow day ever. They really wanted out and eventually got their wish. Because I’m so far behind in creating and uploading their videos, … Continue reading

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Is it better to be humanand self-aware, whileknowing how absurdpeople can be? Or is it better to be an ant,working quickly until life has ended,or a sloth working just as hard,only a tad slower. We consider ourselves superiorto those who … Continue reading

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Nightmare Visions: Poetry Reading

Click photo for poetry reading Welcome to Nightmare Visions! The reading of this poem is now up. I wrote it in October of 2010 and, since it’s October once again, it seemed logical to create a video of this poem. … Continue reading

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Acceptance or Tolerance

Unique Striking Unusual Crazy Disgusting Insane Annoying Beautiful Exasperating Formidable Ugly Intimidating Distracting to you all For a multitude of reasons, Some just, Some unjust. We are, In the end, All the same in Completely different ways. Written 4/9/2016 MagPie … Continue reading

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Put it in My Glass

Give me another shot, another bottle, another barrel. Label it green, label it orange, or no label at all. Call it what you will just put it in my glass. Pour it down my throat, open the emptiness to its … Continue reading

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To me, there is no definition… except that in the end, it always hurts.   Written in 1983

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