Phenix JiRa

The Phenix JiRa logo is that of a phoenix rising from a jar of ink. The action of rising from the jar represents the way we use the written word to express our thoughts and put forth our stories. The phoenix represents our lives written into existence and immortalized.

Phenix JiRa Logo

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What is Phenix JiRa?

PhenixJiRa is a site for personal growth. From writing to reading poetry, gaming to home projects, raising chickens to helping people with their travel needs.
Life's journey is not yet complete.

Main Blogs: Travel, Living (chickens & life)

Other Blogs: Gaming, Reading Poetry, Writing Prompts, Thoughts

More information about my videos can be found HERE.

Writing Projects

Copy-writing, poetry, short stories, email communications, and other types of writing to keep the imagination and creativity flowing.

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Traveling the World

How many perfect journeys of a lifetime can one person have? Click Learn More to visit my travel blog. Listed as journeysbyjilll w/3 Ls.

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Penning the Poetic Narrative

Once you allow yourself to write whatever you wish rather than worrying what others think, your writing will take on a new, fresher feel.

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Research in Order to Know

Personal growth comes from experience and research. You must research in order to learn something new. Knowledge does not come to us in a dream; it must be earned.

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Video Creation

I have learned a great deal by fiddling around with video creation. Researching the process and jumping in feet first has brought moments of joy and frustration.

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Chickens & Gardening

Gardening can help with many forms of stress and brings a great feeling of accomplishment. If you have the room and the ability, adding chickens can be very rewarding and a great deal of fun!

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Learning a new language is not the easiest journey you will ever take. You often will wonder if it's worth the effort but no matter what, you will learn something along the way!

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Hobbies Abound

The quiet concentration of creation can calm the mind and provide a sense of fulfillment. Much like gardening, crafts & hobbies can be a great stress reducer. Give it a shot!

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The journey may be long but there is always beauty to be found.