Video Channels

Below is a list of the different video channels I produce. All of these are currently found on YouTube as individual channels however I am slowly moving some to my Utreon channel. I am also on Odysee and Rumble however not sure how long I will stay with those. Basically, I’m looking for an alternative to yt while still using their platform.

This first channel is the newest and is called That Thought. In these videos I do a lot of chatting about a lot of things I happen to think about and ponder.

Channel: That Thought
Photo is of Phenix JiRa

Oh, boy!

This next channel is dedicated to all things Gaming and is really a lot of fun. I play and chat and make mistakes and occasionally complain about the games themselves.
Yahtzee with Buddies, Grand Gin Rummy, Hay Day, & More!

To view & listen to Phenix JiRa’s gaming videos GO HERE!

Channel: Phenix JiRa Gaming
Photo is of Phenix JiRa wearing her mask 😉

Phenix JiRa

This next channel is also very fun and contains my experiences learning to raise chickens, getting the weeds under control in my garden, working a few projects here and there, doing some cooking, and generally chatting about life!

To watch any or all of the videos, GO HERE!

Channel: Phenix JiRa Living
This silly image was drawn by me, Phenix JiRa


Below is one of the first channels I created wherein I read poetry written by myself and showcasing poems written by my friend Mary Lou Healy who has thousands of poems.

Channel: Phenix JiRa Readings
Logo was created for Phenix JiRa and is copyrighted to Phenix JiRa


To view & listen to poetry, GO HERE!

To view & listen to poetry videos specifically written by Mlou’s, use the links below. There are also playlists showcasing specific subjects (humor, seasonal, love, nature, haiku, etc)

All poems without onscreen text found HERE
All poems with onscreen text found HERE

Channel: Phenix JiRa Readings
Icon is Mary Lou’s on All Poetry


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