About Phenix Jira


Regarding Me

I created this postage stamp of the Internet to display my writing. Focus was easier in the past… focus is what is needed now.

I joined a poetry site in August of 2010 which is when I created my current pen name of Phenix JiRa. Phenix is a unique spelling the mythical bird phoenix. JiRa is a word I created based on my first name and last name (cleaver, huh). During the last few years my appearance on the poetry site has lessened. My first poem written there was At Home on the Moon written 8.11.2010. In April 2015, I started posting there again but for the most part, I am found here.

I joined a writing community in January 2004 where I gained a huge spike in my desire to write. At that point, I was writing stories more than poems. My pen names have consisted of Phenix Jira and JillStar but you can call me Jill (or JiRa).

Currently there are a few locations on the web where my poems are posted. Due to this, you may find some of them more than once. So long as they are posted on a site that is mine or on a site where I am a member, all is well. 🙂   View here for more details.

Regarding Poetry

I mainly write dark fantasy poetry but also write short stories.

My poetry dates back as far as 1983 but it wasn’t until 2010 that I finally realized I am happiest writing darker poetry. I have been told that even when I write on the lighter side, it still contains some darkness.

Once I allowed myself to write whatever I wished rather than worrying what others thought, much changed for me.

As I post each poem, I am using the date the actual poem was written. This seems the most logical way of showing a time line of my work. Obviously my poems from 1983 were not posted on the Internet during that same year. 🙂

Regarding Ways to Contact Me

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