Chicken Run Extension Installation

We finally decided to extend the chicken run and probably just in time! Having 9 chickens in the small space would not have been the best move. In this video we show the progress and how we got it done. A future roofing video is coming out as well!

That’s right… adding an extension to the chicken run! The square footage of the underside of the coop, the wooden run, and the kennel is 112 sqft combined. That is a little more than 12 sqft per chicken. Although this calculation seems adequate, the coop & run space is 3.5 feet wide and 15 feet long which does not give them much space to get around each other. The kennel is 6×10 which is much better. I then determined it would be good to have another enclosed space about the same size as the kennel. Basically, imagine setting another 6×10 ft kennel up against the existing one and that tells you what we’ve done… sort of. 😉

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