New Chicks Not Eating Well

I brought home four new chicks from the hatchery this year. There were initially just two Silver Laced Wyandottes and two Americaunas (Easter Eggers) but then chicken math happened. I fed them after midnight and had more the next day.

Oh, just kidding! They eat at all hours of the day and night!

The next morning I decided I wanted two more Easter Eggers so went back to the hatchery. I told myself that if they didn’t have any, I would just go back home. That logic did not work so I ended up getting two Blue Gems to add to the four sitting in the brooder at home.

Here is where my ignorance came into play.

This flock of chicks is not the same as my last. For some reason, I assumed a flock of chicks was a flock of chicks but apparently I am completely wrong.

As you may know, I recorded the life of the first flock from day one and still am even now. So, as with the others, I’ve been recording them and watching the new flock’s activity. That’s when I noticed one was not eating but instead just pecking at dust particles of food. That alone might not be an issue but she was not getting enough food!

So I added some feed to a small bowl of water and sure enough, they all enjoyed that. I still had a dilemma because adding water to feed forever it not a thing I can or want to do.

After a few days and nights of worry and even trying to give the one chick some scrambled eggs, I noticed that the other chicks weren’t really eating much either.

None of their crops were as full as my previous chicks were and yet they were very interested in eating to the point I wondered if they were starving. They would run all around the feeder and nearly attack it in desperation.

I asked my neighbor if I could have a small amount of her chick feed (assuming it was different) to see if that would make a difference. In the mean time, I ground up my chick feed into smaller pieces even though it came pretty small in the first place.

They seemed to eat the smaller bits easier but still not as I would expect. When I got the feed from my friend, I ground that up and gave it to the chicks. There were two containers in the brooder and they were going more for the new feed than the old which told me my next move.

The next day I took my feed back to the store and exchanged it for what I’m using now. I’m still grinding it up because they are just a week old and peck around the larger pieces. At some point, those large pieces will become small to them and I will stop with the extra work.

The two Silver Laced Wyandottes are not as happy with the new feed as the other chicks. They stand around the feeder occasionally pecking at the food or dig in the pine shavings looking for something else.

They do eat it but it seems to be done out of reluctance more than anything else. At least they are all eating it enough to show in their crops. And they are drinking, which is even more important.

Check out the video below and my YouTube channel if you’re interested in watching their progress or even going back a year to the first flock’s brooder moments. They are just as fun to film and watch today as when they were chicks.

I’m also beginning to include product links. If you’re interested in this one, please use my link. Thanks!

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New Chicks Coming to Phenix JiRa’s Backyard!

In a couple of days, I will be driving back to the same hatchery where I purchased my current flock of chickens in order to get 4 new baby chickens. We call them chicks!

This time around I am getting two Ameraucana chicks (Easter Eggers) and two Silver Laced Wyandotte chicks. They will hopefully fit in well with my two Barred Plymouth Rock and two Black Star chickens.

There will be a new grouping of videos published on Phenix Jira Living that showcase the new chicks and then, eventually, the blending of the two flocks. The whole process will take approximately 4-5 months.

I will keep the new chicks in their own coop/run until they are old enough to move to the larger and newer coop/run with the others. The new coop will be delivered in the next couple of weeks and will be 7.5′ x 3.5′. It will sit about 2 feet off the ground (much like the current coop) so that they can go under the coop and have even more ground space. An 8′ x 3.5′ run will be attached to the coop and sit in between it and the existing kennel. This will give the 8 chickens quite a bit of square footage (approximately 125 sq ft or 15 sq ft per chicken).

The whole process will be recorded… moving the coop, getting the new coop, getting the new chicks, blending the two flocks, etc. Should be a good time!

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Chicken Coop Modifications

Today we added a board under the coop for next years outside nesting box. Michael gets struck in the head, Miss Cloud tries to help, and I’m somewhere in the jungle.

That’s right… Michael is under the coop! His favorite thing!

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Snacky-Snack for the Chickens

Brought a pumpkin out to the ladies… did they like it? Eh, not a whole lot. I also show how I add water to their chicken feed to plump it up to almost twice the amount. They love it! I harvested a few potatoes and obviously, I’m easily satisfied. Also, I think my compost is too wet.

Remember… new chicks coming soon!!

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Chicken TV

How about a little chicken TV while we wait for the new chicks to arrive. That’s right… we are about to get a new batch of chicks to add to the existing flock. Oh, it will take a while for them to grow before they literally live with the adults, but it will be fun.

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Following the Hens to the Jungle

This was a lazy day following the chickens while talking to myself. Miss Cloud finally laid an egg with a hard shell… all the soft shell eggs are mine to eat!



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Do Chickens Like Fireworks?

If you need to ask this question… let’s just say I asked and got an answer that I found to be a bit unbelievable. I was told by my neighbors that their chickens don’t mind it at all. Well, watch this video and find out how mine reacted!!



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Chicken Laying an Egg – Chicken TV

It’s beginning to get hot but still nowhere near the potential temp… that comes later. In this video you get to see Miss Cloud lay an egg and enjoy a little chicken tv. At the end of the video I try to get them to perch outside because the coop is way too hot… fail!

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Watering Trees at the Nursery

In this video I am watering trees suffering from the hot weather in my area. They’ve been neglected for a time so I have been tasked with watering them thoroughly. Some of this will be featured in the chicken video called Fanning a Chicken’s Butt (to be published later).

Sometimes you just need to pop in the earbuds and enjoy the sound of water.

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Chickens and Bananas

The chickens spend time in the yard and waddle on back. I tried giving them a banana and they turned their beaks up at it! They also get hot again and hold their wings out and then I trick them!

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New Dirt Bath for the Chickens

This is really the first day the chickens experience some heat and it’s only the beginning. It’s really not that hot but they aren’t used to it yet. Made a new dirt bath location and tried to get rid of some ants. PK sneezes!

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Day in the Life of Chickens

Just a sweet day with the chickens. We dug a few holes to plant a few trees and the ladies decided to help us… so very helpful!

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Chickens Love Dandelions

Check out this video of the ladies and their love of eating dandelion leaves. Also, it snowed in April and the ladies do not love that so much!

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Cutting Down Trees With Friends

We decided to take down a couple of trees in our back yard believing it would be fairly easy based on what we know and the size of the trees. Well, we were partially correct. For some reason the chainsaws would not cut the trees and we had to volunteer one of our neighbors who asked the all important question “have you sharpened the blades?”. Uh… no…

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Flock Update & Chicken Bititch Police

I decided it was about time to do a video update on the lives of the chickens to this point. We go over they why’s and how’s and take a look at the chickens today. I also threatened to call the Chicken Bititch Police… and it’s a real thing… believe me?

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